MONOCLE MAGAZINE 74. Brazil Special I

A giant awakes.

It began as a protest against a rise in bus fares but has transformed into a movement railing against corruption, poor public services and overspending on global sports events.

- Eron Morais de Melo hopes his Batman costume will inspire others to be strong and fight for a change.

- A corrupt public healthcare system means someone hast to stad up for the patients.

- Over the past year Brazilians have taken to the streets, the beaches and the shopping malls to protest everything from low salaries for public-school teachers to poor public health, education and the World Cup itself.

- Flashmobs. Using non-traditional media to offer a different perspective on the protests.

Art direction: Emma Chiu.


Spot illustrations for politics, finance, defence and international affairs.

Art direction: Jay Yeo


Opening pages: Who’s behind your perfect home?

Spot illustrations for articles on defence, business and politics.

Art direction by Jay Yeo

WEBDAGENE 2012. Netlife Research.

Webdagene is Norway’s premier conference for web communicators with an expected 300 attendants in 2012. The conference is hosted and organized by Netlife Research, a leading Norwegian user experience consultancy. They asked me to create a series of illustrations with some guidelines to be followed:

To be context-sensitive, since they should adapt to the different devices from where the site is visited (computers, tablets or mobile devices).

To allude to this year's tag-line, Vs., which refers to the organizer's purpose of placing the attendants in a series of debates instead the usual linear succession of lectures. The illustrations should depict this dialectical confrontation in a graphic way, but somehow eluding any kind of explicit violence.

As well, Thord and Inge, my two awesome and enthusiastic partners all along the project, wanted to explore the possibilities of the Parallax effect, for which the elements had to be organized in different layers to create a subtle effect of camera displacement when the page is vertically scrolled.

We're the mods, We're the mods

Personal. 2010.

Illustration based on the movie Quadrophenia, directed by Franc Roddman in 1979 and loosely based around the rock opera of the same name by The Who.

Retiro Park Muppet Theather

Madrid City Council Arts Department. 2010.

Visual identity creation, design, illustrations and mixed media roll out.

We chose to illustrate small puppet performances featuring animals. In this way we can create our own representations and renew each season with a new animal. Playbills are designed as collectable posters, so that the information on the outside is minimal.

Conceptual for press, magazines, etc.

In this works I approach the illustration of articles on different topics. My work is intended to be neither redundant nor decorative. Using differents rhetorical figures, I try to amplify and give a complementary reading to the accompanying text. This interest on the possibilities of drawing and its resources is a constant for me from the moment I knew about the work and thoughts from authors such as Sigheo Fukuda, Lex Drewinski, Isidro Ferrer and Pablo amargo among many others.

100 Years of Alfa Romeo

llustrative e V. Berlin 2010.

Limited edition of 100 copies made to commemorate the centenary of the car brand.

Tazio Nuvolari, the "Flying Mantuan" is one of the icons of the Alfa Romeo team. Legendary is the "Impossible Victory" in the Nürburgring Grand Prix of 1935 over the "silver bullets" of Mercedes.

Puma Beijing Track&Field

Puma International. 2008.

Limited edition of 100 shirts for Puma sponsored athletes during the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

Visão Viagens travel guides

Visão Viagens Portugal. 2011.

Illustrations for the covers of the series "Guide Rivers and Dams in Portugal" of Visão Viagens magazine.

Each cover evokes a stretch of the route of each of the rivers (Guadiana, Lima, Mondego, Zezere, Cavado, Duero and Tajo). The illustrations are based on the fantastic pictures that Joel Santos made for the inside of the guides.

Red Bull Academy World Tour

Eden Spiekermann Berlin. 2011.

Print and Web applications for the events of the Red Bull Academy World Tour of Detroit and Rome.

This work was conducted in the offices of Eden Spiekermann under the art direction of the agency. The font "Pichi" used in the poster of the event in Rome is the work of typographer Juanjo López ( A great experience working with a team of people with so much talent in such a complex project.

33 Premios Rock Villa de Madrid

Madrid City Council Arts Department / Festimad. 2010.

Illustrations and design for all applications.

The "oldest rock contest of the state" has as its protagonists five characters that represent different styles of music (Rock, Soul, Pop, Hip-Hop and Techno). Before creating these characters the contest was meant only for the toughest guys. Now the contest has gained in variety and inscriptions have skyrocketed. The web site of the awards, work of the great Santi Risco, has also helped revitalize the contest. There you can listen to the bands and see previous events. Recently Festimad has become responsible for the organization and creative direction of the event, which means more and more rock in the process.

Cyrus's death

Personal. 2009.

Limited edition of 12 screenprints based on the movie The Warriors, directed by Walter Hill in 1979.

Allah's victorious

Junta Castilla y Leon (Regional Government). 2006.

Comic written by Veronika Serrada based on the legend from Burgos which tells how Almanzor tried to take Castilla hatching a complex plot against the King Don Sancho the very day of his coronation. This and other legends are included in the book "Legendary Castilla y León" published by the regional government Junta de Castilla y León.

The Mantua Lovers

Written by Veronica Serrada. Design and drawings by Alvaro Laura. 2007.

Based on a true story (the appearance of two Neolithic skeletons embraced in the Italian city of Mantua), "The Mantua Lovers" develops a fictional history about of the interests of the managers of the discovery, more focused on the exploitation and not on the explanation of the finding.

This project won a cultural grant from Junta de Castilla y León (regional government). We printed a limited edition of 500 books which were distributed for free.

The drawings and design are registered under a Creative Commons license that allows free distribution.

Creative Commons license. Attribution - Noncommercial - No Derivative Works


Personal. 2003.